Reissue of album “Oikoumene”

Dear Friends, the anniversary reissue of Theodor Bastard’s key album “Oikoumene (10th Anniversary Edition)” is now available on Bandcamp. By purchasing this record on Bandcamp, you support us directly, and also there is the best and correct recording quality on Bandcamp, which is incomparable with other platforms!
We did a painstaking job in the studio to update the sound of this album. Fedor and Yana also remade the album cover, using Boris Indrikov’s original painting as a starting point. And most importantly, we decided to restore the originally conceived track list of this concept album, including adding three archived and previously unreleased tracks to it. At one time, this completely live recording, with many instruments and performers, became a turning point in the development of Theodor Bastard. Now this record has been released on CD and vinyl by the European label Season of Mist.

Theodor Bastard – Atika (Official music video) and announcement of summer concerts

Theodor Bastard – Atika (official music video)

Dear, we have a Premiere! The new video clip of Theodor Bastard for the song Atika. Atika song was recorded 10 years ago and has not been released before. We shot this video in two countries with a team of fifteen people for several months. We will be grateful for the reposts and comments.

And we remind you that the next big summer concerts of the band will take place:

– July 20 in St. Petersburg, Menshikov Garden, tickets

– July 27 in Moscow, Summer Stage, tickets

Our new music video for the song The Show Must Go On (Queen cover) and tour announcement

The premiere of a new music video by Theodor Bastard. We filmed it at the very beginning of February in the cold forests and caves of Karelian Isthmus. Fedor and the team paved the way in the forests with skis and sledges, so that the film crew could then get there. Dear friends, don’t ask why this choice of song and why such an idea – just look! By the way, there are references to our previous works in the video. Such puzzles. It’s interesting, if anyone could solve them? And we will be grateful if you support our video with a repost, comment or recommendation to others, this is important for us.

We are also pleased to announce the first Russian tour in three years.

NOVEMBER 17 | Moscow | ZIL Cultural Center
NOVEMBER 18 | Tambov | Educational Theater
NOVEMBER 19 | Penza | TSKID Recreation Center named after Kirov
NOVEMBER 20 | Saratov | Avtodor Arena
NOVEMBER 22 | Samara | ODO
NOVEMBER 23 | Ufa | Philharmonic Hall. Akhmetova
NOVEMBER 24 | Chelyabinsk | WTC Congress Hall
NOVEMBER 25 | Yekaterinburg | Central Committee of the Urals
NOVEMBER 28 | Tyumen | Puppet Theater
NOVEMBER 29 | Perm | PDNT “Gubernia”
DECEMBER 10 | ST. PETERSBURG | B. Eifman Dance Theater

Theodor Bastard was one of the composers for the “Zveroboj” TV series

Theodor Bastard was one of the composers for the atmospheric detective thriller “Zveroboj”, the premiere of the first two episodes of which took place on TNT Premier. We recorded several tracks, including the title song “Zveroboy”, which sounds in the credits. This is our new song, recorded especially for this series. You will be able to hear its full version in the coming weeks as a new single by Theodor Bastard. In the series, our composition “Darkness” will also sound.

Review of Theodor Bastard’s music from RockWay magazine

The painting – Elia Mervi

“I open the browser and think, “Theodor Who? Is he really a bastard?” Then I see, “Karelian Neofolk”. “He is a stoner, this dude Theodor”, I think.” – these are the first words of the review by Dimitris Mascelos from the Greek magazine RockWay. Spoiler: actually it’s a very good review. Next is its followed text.
I open Youtube and want to do a little research about the history of this Russian band. I fall on the album “Oikoumene”, the sixth complete opus of this Karelians released in 2012, and I am standing fascinated. love at first hear!

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Review of the reissue of the album “Vetvi” from Among the living magazine

French journalist Stephan Birlouez from Among the living magazine has written a positive review of our album Vetvi. In his opinion, the music of the Russian band Theodor Bastard “literally saves lives in these dark times of covid and depression.” The remastered album “Vetvi” will be released on double vinyl by Season of Mist this month. And we are looking forward to this event.

Review of the reissue of the album “Vetvi” from the Musika magazine

Photo by Lia Stavridi

A new review of the reissue of Theodor Bastard’s album “Vetvi”, written by the Belgian journalist Luc Ghyselen from the “Musika” magazine:“Neo-folk these days: just think of Heilung, Wardruna, Myrkur and the like, who are very much appreciated in the music world, even by metal fans. At the same time the Russian collective Theodor Bastard has been operating in a similar musical path for almost 20 years. Fedor Svoloch, Yana Veva and Aleksey “Kusas” Kurasov – the founders of the group carried their art through the years. For many music lovers, this project became a discovery last year, when the album “Volch’ya Yagoda” was released, which was well received by the audience. Album “Vetvi” were originally released in 2015, but now have a second chance thanks to Season Of Mist, which will be able to provide the band with a well-deserved European breakthrough. Theodor Bastard’s sound fits perfectly into the definition of neo-folk. The musicians use sacred authentic folk instruments that create an exciting and piercing sound. They take the listener on a long journey to long-forgotten times or to places that we have heard only in legends. Of course, it is not always possible to guess about the theme of Russian lyrics, but this does not interfere at all, because the sound is ideally combined with the heavenly voice of Yana Veva and deeply touches the soul. It doesn’t matter if the arrangements go psychedelic or go for an almost shamanic, feeling-oriented tempo and rhythm, the beauty of her voice strikes again and again. Therefore, those who have neo-folk and ethnic music in their music collection cannot do without this reissue of “Vetvi”. Here is the original review:

Theodor Bastard recorded the main themes for the new soundtrack

We have interesting news. Theodor Bastard recorded the soundtrack for the sequel to the famous fantasy computer game Ash of Gods: The Way. On the video you can hear a demo fragment of one of the new tracks and see a small part of our studio work. We are incredibly proud to partner with AurumDust, the creators of Ash of Gods. After all, the game is sustained in a very close to us style of “dark fantasy”, where the action takes place in a medieval fictional world.

Vetvi. Clip in English

Now a new video has appeared on our YouTube channel. This is a single by Theodor Bastard for the re-release of the album “Vetvi” in English, made by Yana and Fedor this year. The video was directed by Guilherme Henriques.

Mouth harp by Theodor Bastard. Additional circulation. Review

Mouth harp by Theodor Bastard. Review

The instrument is made of stainless steel, it has minimal gaps and a hard tongue, that gives a great opportunity for getting a rich, powerful sound with a lot of overtones. Theodor Bastard had started thinking about creating such an instrument a long time ago, because all the mouth harp models existed before did not completely suit Fedor. Fedor desired to construct a comfortable instrument that fits well in the hand and has a loud, recognizable sound, an ideal tuning, and at the same time a wealth of overtones. Thanks to Nikolai Yurchenko and Alexander Bulavin and their Vargan Ekb manufactory, this idea was turned into reality. The design of the instrument was made by Yana Veva based on the symbolism of the “Volch’ya Yagoda” album. The wooden case of the instrument is also engraved with the symbols “Theodor Bastard”. This mouth harp is ideal for both beginners and professionals and for anyone who wants to join the sound and the universe of Theodor Bastard. It is equipped with a magnetic ball that lowers the tone of the sound, and with a designer’s wooden case made of beech. It’s a very limited edition. Only for connoisseurs!

Material: stainless steel.
Length: 120 mm.
Tongue: 75 mm.
Dimensions: 120 х 40 х 10 mm.
Weight: 58 g.
– A magnet for changing the tone;
– A designer wooden case made of beech with engraved symbols “Theodor Bastard”.
All mouth harps are calibrated and tuned.

Vinyl “Volch’ya Yagoda”

In our distant childhood, vinyl always seemed incredibly attractive. The records were carefully kept on shelves. These were father’s collections. Taking the vinyl out of the cover, putting it on the turntable – then it was the pure magic. No one could have guessed that after so many years the format of the vinyl record will again delight us and evoke the same emotions. By the way, we did the mastering under the vinyl of our album in quality 24 bit / 96 kHz and the sound there is revealed in a completely different way: deeper and more powerful.

Theodor Bastard became finalists of the American contest “John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2021”

Photo by Lia Stavridi

Interesting news: Theodor Bastard became a finalist of the American competition “John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2021”, established in 1997 by the widow of Lennon Yoko Ono. The lullaby “Volchok” from our last album won in the category “world music”. Now we receive letters from the USA from listeners who discovered our music for the first time. We also won many different prizes. But this is not the main thing, it is important that the language of music is international. And music in the heart of everyone, regardless of the language barrier, will find its way. You can congratulate, praise and scold in the comments.