Theodor Bastard is one of the most unusual and independent Russian bands. Theodor Bastard is the discoverer and the most prominent representative of the world music genre in Russia. Also elements of dark wave, trip hop and neofolk are present in the band’s music. The message of the band’s songs does not concern everyday problems and is based on mythology and fantasy. The hallmarks of the band are: the unique female vocal by Yana Veva, the lead vocalist and author of many songs, whose voice is filled with glory and in the same time by meditative serenity and mild warmth, and impeccable sound producing by Fedor Svolotch, the founder of the band, who created the band 20 years ago, in the late 1990s. Theodor Bastard albums were released in 5 countries: Russia, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina.

Theodor Bastard band turn their performances into a magic act that sends the audience to Eastern musical tradition, to Balkan and to Russian folk. Yana Veva often sings in private language invented and spoken only by her and in rare languages ranging from African and Asian to Native American and many more. The musicians use electronic instruments: synthesizers, samplers, theremin as well as plenty of ethnic instruments: darbuka, ashiko, conga, djembe, daf, didgeridoo, gusli, cimbalom, dulcimer, agogo, bawu, mbira, marimba, ocarina, morin khuur, tibetan horn, jew’s harp and classic instruments: cello, harp and many more.

Over the past years Theodor Bastard have performed at numerous large fantasy, gothic, folk, medieval festivals throughout Europe, including Wave Gothic Treffen (2011, 2014, 2017) and Fusion (2004) in Germany, Dark Boombastic Evening (2012, 2013, 2016) in Romania, Castle Party (2014) in Poland, Menuo Juodaragis (2008, 2012, 2016) in Lithuania. The band have also performed at Castlefest (2015, 2017), the largest fantasy festival in the Netherlands.

Theodor Bastard released 9 albums in 5 countries: Germany (Danse Macabre Records, Pandaimonium Records), Argentina (Twilight Records), Mexico (The Art Records), Turkey (Muzikal Yapım), Russia (Fulldozer Records).