Premiere new video “Kolodec” and big tour announcement

We have finished the new live video ‘Kolodec’ (‘Water well’). It was taken in the misty Ladoga’s skerries this autumn. Some our instruments you can hear for the first time. For example, an indian shruti box and a bowed dulcimer. The lyrics is an ancient Slavic health spell. We will play this song in the coming concerts of our autumn tour. People of 16 cities can visit the world of myths and dreams with us. The whole tour timeline you can see on Youtube, below the video, and some events here:

Nov. 14 – Saratov:
Nov. 15 – Samara:
Nov. 17 – Ulyanovsk:
Nov. 18 – Penza:
Nov. 21 – Chelyabinsk:
Nov. 22 – Tyumen:
Nov. 23 – Yekaterinburg:
Nov. 29 – Nizhny Novgorod;
Dec. 5 – Moscow:
Dec. 8 – Saint Petersburg:

Theodor Bastard have finished the whole soundtrack for the game Life is Feudal: MMO

“The music of the Early Middle ages — this is where modern music originates from, after all, and especially the period of Northern early medieval music that we know so little about. Take any folk music — it’s like a breath of antiquity that has reached us, contemporary people. You simply can’t not get inspired by this, it’s like archeology or paleontology. Full of mysteries and never ending sources of inspiration! For instance, take various folk music harmonies, instruments with various sound and tunings.

In this day and age, everything is standardized and factory made — all those same model plastic instruments that people use in a modern music band — it hasn’t always been like this. Medieval world is a cluster of various ideas and musical concepts starting from instrument set and ending with harmony and melody ideas. It was a period of wonder, and the music itself had a different meaning.” — Theodor Bastard

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Collaboration with Ice-Pick Lodge

Today the famous game development studio Ice-Pick Lodge have published the very interesting article about the collaboration between Ice-Pick Lodge and Theodor Bastard. Soon we will see the game Pathologic 2 by Ice-Pick Lodge. Theodor Bastard have created 12 songs for this game!
Pathologic 2 is a dark and dreamlike story in which three very different doctors try to defeat an unvanquishable plague in the unusual steppe town that’s being crippled by this unfathomable disease.
Yana and Fedor worked with pleasure and with particular attention to the details on how this unique game should sound in its new guise.

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Below you can see the game trailer with the new song “Darkness” written exclusively for this game. The track uses the famous phrase “Hello darkness, my old friend” from the song by Simon & Garfunkel originally written in 1964.