Mouth harp by Theodor Bastard. Additional circulation. Review

Mouth harp by Theodor Bastard. Review

The instrument is made of stainless steel, it has minimal gaps and a hard tongue, that gives a great opportunity for getting a rich, powerful sound with a lot of overtones. Theodor Bastard had started thinking about creating such an instrument a long time ago, because all the mouth harp models existed before did not completely suit Fedor. Fedor desired to construct a comfortable instrument that fits well in the hand and has a loud, recognizable sound, an ideal tuning, and at the same time a wealth of overtones. Thanks to Nikolai Yurchenko and Alexander Bulavin and their Vargan Ekb manufactory, this idea was turned into reality. The design of the instrument was made by Yana Veva based on the symbolism of the “Volch’ya Yagoda” album. The wooden case of the instrument is also engraved with the symbols “Theodor Bastard”. This mouth harp is ideal for both beginners and professionals and for anyone who wants to join the sound and the universe of Theodor Bastard. It is equipped with a magnetic ball that lowers the tone of the sound, and with a designer’s wooden case made of beech. It’s a very limited edition. Only for connoisseurs!

Material: stainless steel.
Length: 120 mm.
Tongue: 75 mm.
Dimensions: 120 х 40 х 10 mm.
Weight: 58 g.
– A magnet for changing the tone;
– A designer wooden case made of beech with engraved symbols “Theodor Bastard”.
All mouth harps are calibrated and tuned.