Reissue of album “Oikoumene”

Dear Friends, the anniversary reissue of Theodor Bastard’s key album “Oikoumene (10th Anniversary Edition)” is now available on Bandcamp. By purchasing this record on Bandcamp, you support us directly, and also there is the best and correct recording quality on Bandcamp, which is incomparable with other platforms!
We did a painstaking job in the studio to update the sound of this album. Fedor and Yana also remade the album cover, using Boris Indrikov’s original painting as a starting point. And most importantly, we decided to restore the originally conceived track list of this concept album, including adding three archived and previously unreleased tracks to it. At one time, this completely live recording, with many instruments and performers, became a turning point in the development of Theodor Bastard. Now this record has been released on CD and vinyl by the European label Season of Mist.