Urzala is a piece of our experience of solo travels to the most remote corners of the Karelian and Ural forests

Urzala is a piece of our experience of solo travels to the most remote corners of the Karelian and Ural forests, as well as to the north of the Kola Peninsula. We were especially impressed with the acoustics of the forest Ural caves. For example, the Miracle Cave – the longest cave in the region of Chusovaya River and one of the most beautiful caves in the Ural.

This cave is located in a wild forest, on the slope of Mount Kladovaya, and its entrance is a narrow loophole, through which you need to crawl surrounded with cliffs by all sides. Claustrophobic and scary experience. Then the space expands and the grotto begins, which cavers call the Great. There is absolutely unhuman acoustics here.
Urzala song is the quintessence of these travels, of observations the natural acoustics of forests and caves, and it is a certain sum of shamanistic experience and shamanistic practices available to us. The entire Volchya Yagoda album is dedicated to the forest. Of course, the first associations arise with the northern forest, which we know. But the forest is where we all came from.

And even when we return to it for a short time from the city, we feel it. The forest is our home, we feel it. Such things, probably, may not be explain, the listener is unlikely guessing about them, but they pass through the entire album – slivers, whistles, similar sound little things.

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