Italian journalist Giancarlo Bolther talked to Fedor Svoloch

There are not many interviews with Theodor Bastard in English and the more valuable they are. Here is an outstanding Italian journalist Giancarlo Bolther ( talked to Fedor Svoloch, the founder of Theodor Bastard. Fedor “In general, in the term World Music, in this concept itself there is something flawed. I began to understand this only recently. It’s like Thai beads that local residents sell to tourists in order to somehow survive, and the tourist brings them home and shows them as an exotic. That’s what the modern genre of World Music is. This is not so joyful. And at some point, we realized that with our Africa and other things, we are like these tourists with beads. But we were born in the north, all my and Yana’s childhood passed in the village on a farm. We are familiar with old folk songs, Slavic spells and lullabies. Since childhood, we heard the sound of a gusli, a harp, a beep. Why not record it, why not sing about what is closer to us?” See more: