Russia, Kaliningrad, Alteya fest


Russia, Kaliningrad, Alteya fest

(RUS) Расписание летних концертов

THEODOR BASTARD – Kukushka (Official video)

Directed by Karina Chirkina and Fedor Svolotch

(RUS) Расписание грядущих сольных концертов

THEODOR BASTARD – VETVI (Official video)

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, festival “Brodskiy drive”


Monthly Akhmatova Museum Garden will be a concert venue for more than a dozen actual and interesting bands. Open-air concerts will take place every weekend.
Many styles and sea drive – in the decadent atmosphere of Sheremetev Park!
Address: Liteiny pr. 53, St. Petersburg, Russia

Theodor Bastard perform at the festival on June 13

“Vetvi” is available for download at ITunes & Bandcamp

theodorbastard vetvi

Friends, we have good news!
Our new album “Vetvi” is available for download at itunes and BandCamp.
Enjoy it!


theodorbastard vetvi

New album by Theodor Bastard, one of the most eclectic and mystical bands from Russia. It’s difficult to define the Theodor Bastard style. Musicians skillfully combine different styles, trip-hop and rock. They give amazingly brilliant shows, using all their numerous exotic instruments, from the tibetian horns to jambeys and gusli. Theodor Bastard release their albums not so often, working for months in various recording studios in several cities and countries, searching for the best sound and arrangements. Work on this album took three years with plenty of musicians taking part in it. Among them are the famous buryat singer Namgar Lhasaranova, multi instrumentalist Phillip Barsky. talented Olga Glazova, who plays the world’s largest gusli. Lead singer Yana Veva has reached new heights with her unique vocal technique. Continuing the theme of wanderings, which was the basic idea of the previous album “Oikoumene”, Theodor Bastard take their listeners from hot south to the fairy northern lights. “We travel Russian north every year,” – says the band leader Fedor Svolotch. – “Now it’s time for us to turn to our culture, our country and our roots. There are our places of power, the places where stones and winds are talking to us. New album is a song of the northern harsh nature”. A peculiar combination of the archaic percussions and folk instruments was used during the recording. Playing unusual ethnic instruments is still the important part of Theodor Bastard creative process. Russian horn, traditional Mongol violin morin khuur, tibetian ritual horn dunchen, ancient Russian gusli, cajon, vargan, dulcimer (string instrument like citra) – this is just a short list of musical miracles on the album. Tens of musicians were engaged in creating of sound kaleidoscope. That was a serious and laborious work. String instruments bring deep melodism and dramatism. There are morin khuur by Yana Veva, violin by Gulya Naumova and cello by Natalia Nazarova. They harmoniously strung on ritual rhythms of drums and percussions by Kirill Serov. Choir «Lauda» adds ancient masculinity to the album sound, as well as an outstanding vocalist Alexander Platonov (Ensemble of ancient peasant music).
Magic sound of gusli by Olga Glazova, harps and cymbals by multi-instrumentalist Philip Barsky decorate some songs, and great vocals by Buryat singer Namgar give a special atmosphere of northern dawn to one of the songs on the album.

Music video for the title track from the new album Theodor Bastard «Vetvi»


Directed by Andrew Kezzin, known for his work with many musical collectives, shot a music video for the title track from the new album Theodor Bastard «Vetvi». Few months of planning, filming and editing behind! In the video, you will find an unexpected turn of events. This video is coming soon! In the meantime, we publish for you a few photos from backstage.

Documentary film about recording a new album Theodor Bastard.

Dear friends, we present to your attention a documentary film director Anatoly Zaionchkovskii about recording a new album Theodor Bastard. In the film, you will hear fragments of new songs, you will see one of the rare interviews Yana Veva and learn a lot about ours musical instruments.

Netherlands , Lisse. Festival “Castlefest”


Theodor Bastard will give three shows during the festival “Castlefest” – July 31, August 1, August 2.

“Benga” on the


Dear Friends, our song Benga appeared on the Vote for us!

THEODOR BASTARD performs the song “BUDEM JHIT’” for BalconyTV.

Video of the song Theodor Bastard BUDEM JHIT’ played in acoustic structure especially for the international BalconyTV project. Participation in record of the legendary musician-cellist Seva Gakkel known on the cooperation with such bands as “Aquarium”, “Kino”, “The Turkish tea”, etc. became the real highlight of this performance.

On the “Dobrolet” std. 2014

Work on a new album THEODOR BASTARD


Work on a new album THEODOR BASTARD is underway! During these holidays we worked in the studio, creating new songs for the upcoming album. Recorded male chorus and some instruments: Morin Huur (Mongolian violin) and dung chen (Tibetan ritual trumpet).

(LT) Išskirtiniai interviu su legendiniais muzikantais.

Išskirtiniai interviu su legendiniais muzikantais. Nr. 17. „Theodor Bastard“ (video)

Geriausia Rusijos „tamsiosios“ muzikos grupe vadinamas kolektyvas „Theodor Bastard“, kitąmet švęsiantis 20-metį, moka nustebinti ne tik savo išskirtinį skambesį turinčia daugiabriaune muzika, pasirodymais, esteze, bet ir išskirtiniu požiūriu į muzikos žurnalistiką. Netikėtai, nusiuntus klausimus angliškai, grupė „Theodor Bastard“ atsakymus atsiuntė… lietuviškai.

We rehearse a new song together with the male chorus


We rehearse a new song together with the male chorus. This song will be included in the upcoming album. It turns out very powerfully. We were forced to write musical notes for this arrangement. We learned all the charm of composing the old school.

Theodor Bastard on the “Balkony TV”

Balcony TV

Theodor Bastard last weekend took part in the international project BalconyTV. The band recorded one of his songs, playing on the roof of a house in the center of St. Petersburg.Staying true to its principles, the band prepared a new unusual version of an song “Budem zhit’” with some interesting musical instruments. The real highlight was the participation in the recording of the legendary musician cellist Seva Gakkel, known for his co-operation with such bands as the “Aquarium”, “Kino”, “Turkish tea” and others. Video will soon appear on the site

CD Theodor Bastard “Music for the Empty Spaces”

Music for the empty space

We are pleased to bring to your attention new CD Theodor Bastard “Music for the Empty Spaces“. It includes soundtracks written for documentaries for brazilian director Gustavo Santos, film by Viktor Fokeev “Our selves’ mysteries” and for avant-garde japanese designer Yushi Kuroda‘s show. The rest of the tracks are like “unpublished soundtracks from nonexistent films”. Music goes between ethno-electronic, ambient and dub and shows the most experimental aspects of Theodor Bastard. The disc is printed in amount of 500 copies, 4-sided digipack in original slipcase. The artwork is done by french artist Natalie Nowak. Also there is a text of the story written by Fedor Svolotch specially for this release.

You can purchase CD here

Theodor Bastard – AlterNation


Castle Party is ahead of us. Theodor Bastard is one of the bands playing during this year’s edition the festival. Here Fedor Svolotch talks about touring, playing and live concerts…