Live in Dobrolet

Theodor Bastard

Record Details

Folk, Experimental


  1. Alteya -:-- / 07:26
  2. Uhozhu -:-- / 05:02
  3. Rucheyok -:-- / 08:43
  4. Son -:-- / 04:30
  5. C’mon Billy -:-- / 02:54
  6. Zor’ka -:-- / 07:35
  7. Sueta -:-- / 05:36
  8. Snega -:-- / 05:00
The live album “Live In Dobrolet”, originally released in 2016 as a bonus CD coming with the special and deluxe vinyl editions of the album “Vetvi”, is finally released as a separate edition, following many requests of Theodor Bastard fans. Recorded live at Dobrolet Studio in St. Petersburg in March 2013, “Live In Dobrolet” still remains one of the most significant band’s live albums. In addition to the main members of Theodor Bastard – Yana Veva, Fedor Svolotch, Kusas and Andy Vladych – some guest artists took part in the recording: Alia Sagitova (keyboards), Vasil Davletshin (bass), Philipp Barskiy (harp), Vladimir Belov (cello) and Dmitriy Kabanov (theremin). Along with the Theodor Bastard’s own compositions the album features a song with the lyrics by Boris Bardash and two cover versions very peculiarly reworked by the band. All tracks are mixed and mastered by Andrei Alyakrinskiy at Dobrolet Studio, recording engineer – Alexander Dokshin. The album is released in limited edition of 140 copies in a 4-panel digipak with ultra-minimalist design. Recorded live at Dobrolet Studio, St. Petersburg, March 2013 Yana Veva – vocal, spring drum, shaker Fedor Svolotch – guitar, sampler, drum Kusas – percussion, marimba, kalimba Andy Vladych – drums Alia Sagitova – keyboards Vasil Davletshin – bass Philipp Barskiy – harp, cimbalom Vladimir Belov – cello Dmitriy Kabanov – theremin Mixed by Andrei Alyakrinskiy (Dobrolet Studio) Engineer – Alexander Dokshin (Dobrolet Studio)