Theodor Bastard

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  1. Volchok (Russian lullaby) -:-- / 04:21
  2. Kolodec (Slavic health spell) -:-- / 02:56
  3. Volchok (version 2) -:-- / 03:24
Kolibelnaya song – an ancient Russian lullaby in our interpretation. We will play it at our upcoming concerts and maybe we will include it in the next album. Lullabies were used as a protection against evil, danger, or disease – if you see something bad, horrible in a dream then you don’t see it in reality. The ancient lullabies lyrics were magic and scaring, it was their power. ‘Kolodec’ (‘Water well’) is an ancient Slavic health spell. Some our instruments you can hear for the first time. For example, an indian shruti box and a bowed dulcimer.