THEODOR BASTARD – Love’s Secret Domain (Coil cover)

This song was released on the album “…It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance)” in 2005. It is the remake of this famous Coil’s song made by Theodor Bastard as a requiem for Jhonn Balance. This live recording was made on October 28, 2016 at Central House of Artists, Moscow. It’s one of Theodor Bastard’s chamber shows named “Secret Concerts Tour“.
THEODOR BASTARD: Yana Veva – vocal, flute Fedor Svolotch – guitar, sampler, drum Kusas – percussion, marimba, kalimba Andy Vladych – drums Alexei Kalinovskiy – keyboards Kirill Sekerzhickii – bass Olga Glazova – gusli, vocal Ilia Kartashov – cello Video team: Directed by Aleksandr Efakin. Editing: Aleksandr Efakin Camera operator: Dmitriy Azarov Aleksey Moiseev Sergei Kanat’ev Yuliya Nakoshnaya Aleksandr Efakin