Theodor Bastard

Record Details



  1. Budem zhit (Album Version) -:-- / 6:22
  2. Budem zhit (Acoustic Version) -:-- / 5:06
  3. Budem zhit (Moon Far Away Version) -:-- / 5:03
  4. Beloe (Album Version) -:-- / 3:50
  5. Beloe (Live) -:-- / 4:42
  6. Mir (Album Version) -:-- / 5:24
  7. Mir (Video Version) -:-- / 5:14
The single “Mir” consists of both original songs that will be included in the album and their versions. Including only on this single you can hear a version of the song “Will live” performed and arranged by the famous Arkhangelsk duo MOON FAR AWAY. This unique version is also interesting because Count Ash, the MFA leader, added the third (previously non-existent) verse for this song, thereby turning it into a real anthem. The single was released in a limited edition – on an alternative USB flash drive, in the form of a playing card with the band’s corporate logo.