Beloe – Lovlia Zlykh Zverei

Theodor Bastard

Record Details



  1. Voda (ot kholoda do tepla) -:-- / 5:52
  2. Ochi (Rucheek) -:-- / 4:56
  3. Son -:-- / 4:11
  4. Budem zhit -:-- / 6:22
  5. Vernis chistym -:-- / 5:33
  6. Ukhozhu (Kak po volnam) -:-- / 3:40
  7. Snega -:-- / 4:54
  8. Mir -:-- / 5:24
  9. Lovlia Zlykh Zverei -:-- / 4:24
  10. Beloe -:-- / 12:36
The album represents a new concept in the band’s music. There are no longer the usual oriental motifs and “dark” aesthetics. These songs are about the inner world of a person, about the demons that live in it and about the fight against them and are dedicated, according to the band members, to inner purification — the fight against the demons that are in each of us. The album is completely Russian-language and is permeated with Russian folk motifs. In several compositions, psaltery sounds, the part of which was performed by an old acquaintance of THEODOR BASTARD Maria Akimova. Mila Fedorova (cello), Evgeny Fedotov (guitar), Elena Tishina (harp) and the leader of the Ole LUKOYE group Boris Bardash, who sang in one of the songs, were also involved as guest musicians. All this is combined with the already familiar various kinds of noises and unusual sound bursts. The drawing on the album cover was drawn by Fyodor Svoloch.