Our long-awaited soundtrack album Utopia was released!

It’s happened! Yesterday our long-awaited soundtrack album Utopia was released! It was recorded for the game Pathologic 2 – a dark adventure in the bizarre world somewhere in a parallel Universe.
The album now is available worldwide:
Google Play
And very soon you will have a unique chance to hear these songs in our live concerts in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
Also we will present a new single – the song from our next album.

Theodor Bastard have won Russian World Music Awards

Yesterday in the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Theodor Bastard have won the first and the only professional award in Russia in the ethnic music – Russian World Music Awards.

The Russian World Music Awards is the first professional award in Russia in the ethnic music. The mission of the award is the development of world and ethnic music in Russia, as well as its representation abroad.

Award “Golden Gargoyle” for “Best world music band”

Today Theodor Bastard have won the main independent Russian music award “Golden Gargoyle” for “Best world music band”. Thanks a lot, dear friends, for your love and support. Thanks a lot our musicians and comrades-in-arms for always been with us. Thanks a lot 16 Tons Club for believing in us in the beginning of our career. See you on December at our holiday concerts!

This music video ‘Alteya’ from our chamber concert

This music video “Alteya” from our chamber concert at Central House of Artists with Prohor Alekseev (Theremin). This song is named in honour of Althaea – a heroine of ancient Greek mythology. She had been mentioned by Ovid, Hesiod, Homer, Aeschylus. The theremin (also known as the termenvox) is an amazing instrument named after the name of its inventor, Leon Theremin, who invented it in 1920 in Petrograd. In order to play theremin, a musician must have perfect pitch, absolute pitch recognition, because theremin is controlled without physical contact by the performer.

Remake of ‘Love’s Secret Domain’ by Coil

We are happy to present this live video. It is very important for us. It was recorded on October 28, 2016 at Central House of Artists, Moscow, where we performed this remake of “Love’s Secret Domain” by Coil after a long time.

This song is a requiem for John Balance – co-founder of the experimental music group Coil. It was first performed by Theodor bastard at the concert in memory of John Balance on December 23, 2005 in Saint Petersburg. Fedor Svoloch was one of the organizers of this concert. Peter Christopherson played at this concert too, he flew in Saint Petersburg from Thailand. He had listened this song and praised it.

This song was released on the album-tribute …It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance). After some years Peter Christopherson was gone too. None of Coil founders are alive now but their music will remain in our hearts forever.