Sueta | 2006

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  1. Суета (Red Club, Saint-Petersburg 2005)
  2. 1.000.000 (Kunigunda Fest, Vilnus 2005)
  3. Alteya (Acud, Berlin 2004)
  4. In Trance (La Zone, Leige 2004)
  5. Under The Rain (16 Tonn, Moscow 2005)
  6. Satellite (Pigface Cover) (Fusion Fest, Germany 2004)
  7. Aliah (LesHalle, Brussels, 2003)
  8. Weeper (KulturBunker, Cologne 2005)
  9. AlBor (Soach, Dortmund 2005) bonus

Because of the release of “Pustota” in four countries and plenty of tours, THEODOR BASTARD has attracted attention of many music lovers all over the world. Music magazines in Russia and Western Europe wrote about the band. The results are: ‘sold-out’ concerts in Russia and successful gigs in Germany, Belgium and Lithuania.

Often listeners find that there is a difference between studio material by THEODOR BASTARD and its live version. Unreleased live album “Sueta” includes the best performances from Petersburg to Brussels. There are such elements as the song played in Belgium with American saxophone player Ethan Jordan or avant-garde composition “AlBor” with sounds of sitar recorded in the damp squat in German city Dortmund. This is not so important where the show goes – “Les Halle” in Brussels or a small club in Cologne – the musicians do their best.

Among the motives for the compilation of this material there are numerous requests from audience. Most of the songs presented at “Sueta” were recorded in tracks and they were mixed in Petersburg at Theo studio. This is considered to be a real album, because besides two old songs all the rest are new fresh songs which had never been released before. This album continues the concept line of “Pustota” (Emptiness), and it’s called “Sueta” (Futility).

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