Pustota | 2004

Download digital album, you can:

  1. Pustota
  2. Sadanah
  3. Isolation
  4. Alteya
  5. Zima
  6. Satori Aisha
  7. Dogma
  8. Satellite
  9. Selva
  10. Pustota (версия 2.0)
  11. Alteya (mix) bonus track
  12. Pustota (mix) bonus track

Album “Pustota” has the rhythms of trip-hop, mysticism and gothic melodies of the Orient. This is the result of over two years’ work on the arrangements and sound. On the album there is 2 video: Animation for the title song, made Moscow talented flash animator Col Belov (clip has received numerous reviews, has been recognized by many critics animated masterpiece) and a live video of “Pustota”

Album “Pustota” – is the first work THEODOR BASTARD, recorded “live”. This new reference point for the band. “Pustota” – not “easy listening”. Nevertheless, experimental, in the full sense of the word, the album did not shock the listener with sound terror, but it opens a new side of contemporary music.

The basis of the band’s sound is the voice of vocalist Yana Veva. Post-rock in space “Pustota” literally “is encountered forehead” with Middle Eastern melodies and sad songs in several languages.

In the work on the album was attended by many famous musicians – Boris Bardash (Ole Lukkoye), Angela Manukyan (Volga), Alexander Parshkov (GRAND VINIOLLES), Nikolai Nebogatov (SPIES BOYS), Mila Fedorov (ex-CLEVER).

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