(RUS) Юбилей альбома «Пустота» – 10 лет.

Interview Theodor Bastard for the German magazine SONIC SEDUCER. (Eng)


Interview Fedor Svolotch (Theodor Bastrad) for the German magazine SONIC SEDUCER (10/2013)

Q: You’re-until August, 24th,, touring in East Europe. How has the tour been so far? Are you concentrating on your Full-Length “Oikoumene” as re-release?

Fedor Svolotch: The tour was really great! The audience kickback was awesome. I think we have picked the concert program correctly for the first time in many years . We played songs both from “Oikoumene” and new as well, as we wanted to test our unreleased songs in public. And it worked: the reaction of the audience was as we had planned it.  In short – it was a complete delight!  We drove almost 7,000 kilometers, visited 7 countries – Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, played 8 gigs were headliners on 4 of them. It was something insanely cool!

Interview Theodor Bastard for the German magazine ZILLO. (Eng)

Interview Fedor Svolotch (Theodor Bastrad) for the German magazine ZILLO (10/2013). English.

Q: Could you please name the band member(s) who/which answer(s) these questions, as I have to integrate that within my article? Thanks!

Fedor Svolotch:  The project founder, musician, sound producer.

Q: Could you please give us a short presentation of you? Band history, members, musical conception?

Fedor Svolotch: I begun as a solo musician with experimental noises at my home studio at the beginning of the 90th. This part of our history is described in detail at our site. I’m on tour in Eastern Europe at the moment, so I apologize if my answers are not extensive. But in brief, everything changed when our vocalist, Yana Veva joined the band. When we begun to perform live for the first times I was amazed by her voice and what hypnotic influence it had on the public. In my opinion Yana has a rare and unusual manner of singing. She is a unique vocalist who can work at the studio and record vocals with first try and sing live almost identical to the record. Actually, Yana would have to give this interview, but she never gives interviews as she thinks that the music and the songs tell more than words on paper. So it is my burden to speak on her behalfe.-)


Das russische Projekt Theodor Bastard wird – soviel schon vorweg – auch mit ihrem neuen Album “Oikoumene” nicht jeden Hörernerv treffen, vereinen sie doch in ihren Songs Klangwelten, die unter die Rubrik Weltmusik gelistet werden und damit nicht nur ethnisch gefärbt sind, sondern auch orientalisch anmuten.

Diese Kombination mündet in ätherisch-atmosphärischen Songs, die insbesondere vom Gesang Yana Vevas und den begleitenden, permanent vorhandenen Percussions leben.

(RUS) Альбом “Oikoumene” на виниле!

In German label “Danse Macabre” was released our CD “Oikoumene”.


In German label “Danse Macabre” was released our CD “Oikoumene”. Offered a contract for us – Bruno Kramm vocalist Das Ich. Surprising and pleasant.By the way, the cover is slightly different. On the original Russian edition of our designer just cut the fingers of the girl on the cover. Boris Indrikov – painter, was very upset about this. Justice and fingers have been restored in the German edition.


THEODOR BASTARD “Orion” (с) 2013

The new animated official video by Theodor Bastard!!!
Creating “Orion” videoclip took almost 6 years!
Director – Art-hur (“Selva”)

Russian tour

  • October 20. – Yekaterinburg. – CK “Urals”
  • October 22.  – Orenburg. – Druzhba club
  • October 24.  – Penza. – DK Dzerzhinsky
  • October 26.  – Nizhny Novgorod. – Festival Hall
  • October 27.  – Moscow. – B2 club
  • November 3.  – St. Petersburg. – Concert hall “Aurora”

THEODOR BASTARD – Live in Dobrolet studio. 2013.

Friends, here is finally ready to live-studio concert, which we hope will be a boon for you! Especially for those who could not get to our semi-acoustic chamber program this spring. We have decided that it is impossible so to so much effort to develop it, remembered only in concerts and … upon return from Moscow immediately recorded part of the program alive in the St. Petersburg studio “Dobrolet” and filmed the process on video!

Our autumn tour is completed.

Tour 2013

We are back home after our summer tour. We had a wonderful trip. Thank you very much to all of you for such warm support, in particular – Alba Iulia, Budapest, Kaliningrad, Minsk, Kiev, Lvov, Riga! It was something incredible! Our tour was just fine. We drove almost 7,000 miles, visited seven countries played 8 concerts.

Now we are preparing for the autumn concerts. Schedule and details of which will be issued in the near future.


Tour 2013

Finally confirmed all the dates of our summer concerts.

10 августа. РИГА (Латвия). Фестиваль RE RE RIGA
11 августа. КАЛИНИНГРАД. ДК Железнодорожников.
Встреча – https://vk.com/bastard39
13 августа. БРАТИСЛАВА (Словакия). “Uocka” клуб.
16 августа. АЛЬБА-ЮЛИЯ (Румыния). Фестиваль DARK BOOMBASTIC EVENING 5
17 августа. БУДАПЕШТ (Венгрия). Фестиваль FEKETA ZAJ
20 августа. ЛЬВОВ (Украина). “Львівська копальня кави”
Встреча – https://vk.com/theodorbastardinlviv
22 авгуcта. КИЕВ (Украина). “Зелёный театр”.
Встреча – https://vk.com/theodorbastard_zt
24 августа. МИНСК (Беларусь). Фестиваль ВОЛЬНАЕ ПАВЕТРА 2013
Встреча – https://vk.com/event55180705

Theodor Bastard on itunes

Wild Mint

Wild Mint

Returned from the festival “Wild Mint”. Incredibly tired. But the experience of the weather, the public and the organization of the festival – the positive. At the festival, besides us playing Shined o’connor and many more…We played very well! And many thanks to our wonderful dancers: Anastasia Yarova, Yana Tanzu and Daria. As well as our backing vocalist Valerie Atanova. Thank you to all who have been!

Will soon announce further dates of our tour!

Greetings from the road.


We played three shows from our mini-tour. Stayed only Petersburg. Tomorrow – March 29, do not miss!

Thanks Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow for the great welcome! In Moscow, in general it was crazy. Club “16 tons” was full of people, and with the sound of it was very good. Will enjoy the performances.

Theodor Bastard nominated for the Prize


Theodor Bastard nominated for the Prize “by Sergei Kuryokhin.” Popular vote, that is not the jury determine the choice, and we are with you. And yes, we put forward for the recording of the album “Oikoumene”. Well, it’s nice.) So vote in support!

THEODOR BASTARD – “Hunting For Fierce Beasts” (Unreleased video, 2008)

The video for the song “Hunting For Fierce Beasts” – rare and previously unreleased video (2008).

In the picture: Yana Veva and cellist Mila Fedorova.

Theodor Bastard – another tour of Europe

Theodor Bastard this summer is back for another tour of Europe.

16 August 2013, you can hear our concert in Romania, Transylvania, Alba Iulia Fortress in the festival “Dark Bombastic Evening 5″.

The rest of the dates will be later.


Two unreleased songs

Russian internet site Lenta.ru published two previously unreleased songs Theodor Bastard. One song is old, 2003 – “Za dva shaga”, and the other is a new song – “Salameyka.”

Theodor Bastard – “Salameika” (New song)

Theodor Bastard – “Za dva shaga” (demo 2003)

THEODOR BASTARD – video from Cambodia

A small video of Fedor and Yana from their trip to Cambodia. Lotus field, late in the evening. Atmosphere – insects, frogs, and other animals – are impressive.

Some new photos

Getting ready for our March concerts every day. Have done 18 songs – often with older albums, which have never been played live. The work was just hell. The second month, we do not leave our studio. But Maxim Zurabiani made some great shots with Fedor and Jana and when we looked to visit Ned Hopper.