CD Theodor Bastard “Music for the Empty Spaces”

Music for the empty space

We are pleased to bring to your attention new CD Theodor Bastard “Music for the Empty Spaces“. It includes soundtracks written for documentaries for brazilian director Gustavo Santos, film by Viktor Fokeev “Our selves’ mysteries” and for avant-garde japanese designer Yushi Kuroda‘s show. The rest of the tracks are like “unpublished soundtracks from nonexistent films”. Music goes between ethno-electronic, ambient and dub and shows the most experimental aspects of Theodor Bastard. The disc is printed in amount of 500 copies, 4-sided digipack in original slipcase. The artwork is done by french artist Natalie Nowak. Also there is a text of the story written by Fedor Svolotch specially for this release.

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