Beloe: Hunting for fierce beasts | 2008

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  1. Вода (От холода до тепла)
  2. Очи (Ручеек)
  3. Сон
  4. Будем Жить
  5. Вернись чистым
  6. Ухожу (Как по волнам)
  7. Снега
  8. Мир
  9. Ловля Злых Зверей
  10. Белое
  11. Темное Окно

Instead of the previously announced “Temnota” that was being on process in collaboration with Venezuela soundengineers, THEODOR BASTARD released a new album “Beloe”. This disc differs from the other works by this band – concerning aesthetics and sound: most of the compositions are far from the oriental theme, that’s been typical for the band, and from the “dark” direction often attributed to the musicians.

Beloe” (in Russian it means ‘whiteness’) is about the inner purification – struggle with demons existing in all of us. The album is in Russian and filled with Russian folk motives. Maria Akimova plays gusli in some of the compositions. As the session musicians  Mila Fedorova (cello). Eugene Fedotov (guitar), Elena Tishina (harp) and Boris Bardash from Ole Lukoye took part in recordings.

“I’ve been always fascinated with the idea of the combination of the acoustic instruments with microtonal electronics and noises,” – told the THEODOR BASTARD leader Fedor Svolotch, – “To be closer to this plan we had to revise our approach to sound and even to change the set of the instruments”.

All the month long musicians were searching for optimal sound of the acoustic guitar, and the cello was recorded in three different studios. Mila Fedorova bought an electrocello in USA. But finally musicians chose the Italian instrument that was made in the first half of the last century, its sound goes with electronic best of all.

Most of the songs were composed by singer Yana Veva. Besides her vocals there is her keyboard playing on the album.

“I didn’t make any changes in some of the tracks”. – told Fedor Svolotch, – “They were composed and recorded by Yana from the beginning to the end. In song “Beloe” I just made some corrections to vocal effects and in “Hunting for the fierce beasts” we recorded guitar and cello, all the rest was left without changes”.

Nevertheless, seemingly simple approach results in that musicians stayed in studio for almost an year, recording plenty of versions with different tonalities, tempo and instruments.

“It was like Fedor was working with many pieces constructing whole album as a jig-saw puzzle,” – commented Yana, – “I think that everything was done an year ago, but Fedor got the different picture in his head, so that we had to adapt to his manic approach.”

THEODOR BASTARD released the album on the flash-jet USB promo-single with various versions of “Budem jit” and video “Mir”. THEODOR BASTARD is the first band in Russia, maybe in whole world, released music on the alternative data medium.

The drawings by Fedor are seen at the bouqlet.

“We couldn’t find designer for long time”, – Yana told, – “But finally we all agree that Fedor drawings are the best. As our percussionist Kusas told, only mentally ill artist could draw it. So that we chose that artwork”.

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